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Methadone Clinic in Rhode Island

Individual therapy is highly beneficial to an individual that is working on his or her recovery. This type of therapy includes working with a counselor on a regular, one-on-one basis to overcome an addiction to opiates.. 

Methadone Clinic in Rhode Island


The number of Americans dying from overdoses of the powerful narcotic fentanyl rose 12-fold in recent years, health officials reported Thursday.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that's hundreds of times more potent than heroin or cocaine. But sometimes drug users don't know they're buying it, because fentanyl is often mixed with other opioids or misrepresented as heroin.

   Medication Assisted Treatment

   Rhode Island Methadone Clinic

  • Medical Exam

  • Individual and Group Counseling

  • ​Ongoing Clinical Evaluation

  • ​Medically Supervised Withdrawal

  • ​Relapse Prevention

  • ​Case Management and Referral

  • Individual Treatment Planning

  • ​Substance Abuse Education


         Daily intake processing from  Monday                    through Friday. Call to Schedule Your          Appointment,  and start treatment today at Rhode Island Methadone Clinic and Treatment

                            401 -727-1287

Access to Treatment is Our #1 Priority

Health Plans
We Accept

Blue Cross | Neighborhood Health | United Healthcare | Medicaid

Quality Patient Centered Care in a Safe and Professional Clinic

Center for Treatment and Recovery is a methadone clinc in Rhode Island, and CARF Accredited Medication  Assisted Treatment Facility serving all Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts


Our Doctors and Nurses a trained in Addiction Medicine

When you call, you’ll get a one-on-one phone consultation and we’ll do an Insurance Verification for you and assist you with choosing the best course of action for your current needs.

We will never share your confidential information with a third party unless we have your explicit consent.

To start the recovery process, you will meet with one of our intake counselors and do a complete assesment of your treatment needs. You will start treatment the very next day


The Process


     Call 401-727-1287 

           Methadone Clinic

                    Rhode Island

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